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» » » » Signal Aout 42 - Transformation (2CD Limited Edition) (2007)

Signal Aout 42 - Transformation (2CD Limited Edition) (2007)

Signal Aout 42 - Transformation (2CD Limited Edition) (2007)GENRE: Electronic
LABEL: Out Of Line
MODE: VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE: Aug-31-2007

After a hiatus of more than ten years, the Belgian cult-Electro-group Signal Aout 42 returns with a new album. In the Eighties and early Nineties, SA 42 (alongside their compatriots, Front 242) helped shape the budding Electro scene with a seamless array of club hits (Waterdome“, “Dead Is calling“ or „Submarine Dance) … and their “Immortal Collection” bore the catalogue number OUT 001, thus kick starting our label. Henceforth, this comeback is a rather special one for Out of Line. SA 42 return with a double load: on “Transformation”, they have revigorated their trademark sound over the duration of two CDs … and it still sounds as fresh and innovative as when they first started out, more than twenty years ago.

Massive soundscapes evolve into hard hitting EBM-onslaughts with hammering sequencers, often crossing the border into harder Industrial realms. The raw and dark voice of Jacky Meurisse has not lost any of its special appeal and the guys easily outdo most of the younger acts with their energetic and dynamic music. Signal Aout have retained two qualities that so many bands lack today: a characteristic identity and a distinctive sound… one that will still shake any club and that builds up an atmosphere that few can match.

01 Hell Gate
02 So Beautiful
03 Misfortune To The Loser
04 Don't Worry
05 One Night In The Other Side
06 Transformation
07 Religion

01 Last Kiss
02 Arrestation
03 No Regret
04 Little Angel
05 The Last Day
06 Live Less
07 Langemark


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Signal Aout 42 - Transformation (2CD Limited Edition) (2007)

12 сен 2007, 16:18
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