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Detune-X - Purevil (2007)

Detune-X - Purevil (2007)GENRE: Electronic
STYLE: Industrial, Noise
LABEL: Rustblade
MODE: VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo
REL.DATE: Ago-31-2007

New from DETUNE-X (the Industrial/Noise side project of Stefano Rossello of :BAHNTIER//), "Purevil" enlists the considerable talents of legendary artist Eric Van Wonterghem (SONAR, MONOLITH, INSEKT) on a pure industrial outpouring that incorporates hypnotic hard edge beats with grating precision percussion. Each track is a version of the same theme with refinements, additional sounds and samples. This release just crushes with its fast paced hard edge rhythms and pulsing, hypnotic loops and pounding beats. "Purevil" is reminiscent of both TERRORFAKT or SONAR but also with some tribal parts not unlike THIS MORN OMINA or AH CAMA-SOTZ. An excellent release for the Rustblade label, this comes very recommended!!!

01 Soil
02 Purevil
03 Microwar
04 Neisseria
05 Phatogen
06 Sleepless
07 Rotifer
08 Embryoil
09 Demodex
10 Photoaxis
11 Rolling Friction
12 Sediments


Password: mp3db

Detune-X - Purevil (2007)

12 сен 2007, 16:10
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