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Phragments - The Burning World (2007)

12 сен 2007, 16:12
Phragments - The Burning World (2007)Genre: Electronic
Style: Industrial, Martial Ambient
Release Date: 30-08-2007
Quality: VBRkbps/44.1kHz/Joint-Stereo
Label: The Eastern Front

Phragments is a project from Slovakia with a focus on martial industrial music. Neoclassical
flavoured dark ambient music with a strong emphasis on percussion and militant atmospheres.
Matej is responsible for the music and Sonic(k) for the accompanying video imagery. This is
something that does give an extra dimension to this kind of cinematographic music with live
concerts. So far Phragments has some self released CDr recordings on it's name that were
also accompanied by a live recording from the same timeframe as the studio recording. This
because they wanted to record the special atmosphere and different musical interpretation of
the tracks with concerts on a digital medium. Homo Homini Lvpvs was the first full length
album, first released on CDr and later also as a real CD in a limited amount of 500 copies.
With The Burning World the second full length CD recording is released via the Israelian
label The Eastern Front.

Phragments introduce a strikingly good martial industrial sound that consists of industrial
sounds, ritual percussion and organic neoclassical sounds, such as for instance the violin
and dramatic sounding sampled choirs. The sound holds the middle between an atmosphere that
is ritual-industrial and a more bombastic orchestral sound, with in each track a different
balance. In the tracks 'Antichristos' and 'La Marche des Machines' a heavily distorted dark
voice joins the soundpalet as well. The one moment it sounds like a variation on In
Slaughter Natives and the next like other Swedish bombastic acts such as Toroidh or Sophia.
For the ominous industrial dark ambient touch we can name Stahlwerk 9 as a reference. The
material of Phragments on this new album is of a high quality. With that Phragments is good
comparable with the French Sturm. The Burning World is especially recommended to those who
like a bombastic martial industrial and dark ambient sound.
The package is a simple, but well done very glossy three-folk A5 cover.

01 Non Serviam
02 Fireseed
03 Antichristos
04 Ceremony Of Light
05 Song For The Burning World
06 La Marche Des Machines
07 Remember


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12 сен 2007, 16:12

Phragments - The Burning World (2007)

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