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Louder Vista Sounds

Louder Vista Sounds Это для тех, кто думает, что звуки перспективны только слишком тихы, как сделать добавочные звуки использоваться для определенных вещей!

This is for those who think vista's sounds are just too quiet. Some are not even used by default in vista, SO this will help you know how to make extra sounds be used for certain things, and give you much louder sounds. I actually myself thought they were to quiet!



NOTE: This is assuming that Windows Vista is installed on drive C:

1. Open C:/Windows/Media folder
2. Select all the files (Ctrl + A) and copy all the contents of this folder
3. Make a New Folder somewhere safe, and PASTE all the copied files there...THIS IS FOR BACKUP!
4. Go back to C:/Windows/Media folder
5. Open THIS download's "Media" folder and copy all of its content
6. PASTE all the copied items into the C:/Windows/Media folder
7. You might want to check the bottom option "Do this for the next 42 conflicts"
8. Enjoy.

If you think the files are too loud for you...
Do this:
1. Press Windows logo + R
2. Open: SndVol.exe
3. On the "Windows Sounds" column, adjust the desired volume.

Most of the modified files are not used in the Windows Vista default sound scheme.
For example, if you want to add a cool sound to when minimizing windows do the following:

1. Press Windows logo + R
2. Open: mmsys.cpl
3. On the "Sounds" tab, in the "Program" area, scroll down and click on "Minimize"
4. Click on the "Browse..." button
5. Navigate to C:/Windows/Media
6. Scroll down to select the "Windows Minimize" file
7. Apply
8. Do this for the options that aren't yet set, IF YOU WANT TO.

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09 мар 2007, 11:58
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