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Electronic Greeting Card Construction 2.0а 18

 Увеличить картинкуElectronic Greeting Card Construction - программа для создания поздравительных открыток, которые Вы можете послать по электронной почте вашим друзьям, родственникам, сотрудникам...

Electronic Greeting Card Construction Set will create greeting cards you can e-mail to your friends, relatives, co-workers, underlings, inlaws, outlaws, harp salesmen of no fixed address, itinerate lawn gnome enumerators, the guy down the block grieving for the demised transmission of his ‘86 Ferrari, any of several extinct species of flowering shrubs, the five surviving members of the once-noble house of Pelicanham who currently live in a basement flat in Ruislip, civil servants working for the Ministry of Outrage, the kid who delivered your pizza last Friday on a unicycle, whichever god you typically pray to for help balancing your check book and Dame Edwina McSpleen, the oldest living survivor of the sinking of the rowing punt Endeavor, which caused no fatalities but ruined several pairs of expensive shoes. Your list of potential recipients may vary.
14 дек 2006, 11:05
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